Kids Book Plates To Print For Back To School

These book plates to print are for your kids. Going back to school is upon us and our summer routine will be drastically changed. Besides all of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for school, the little ones will be bringing home lots of books. Bookplates for children are a fun way for them to personalize their books and notebooks… they love it!

I’ve included a sheet of black and white book plates… for your kids to color… and a sheet of full color…so they just have to cut them out and put them in a book….or on their notebooks or where ever.

Simply print them on sticker paper. My choice is “Ink Jet Sticker Project Paper” by Avery. There are 15 sheets per packet… 8 1/12″ x 11″. Of course, you can print them out on card stock paper, or photo paper and use a little glue to adhere them to the book. Frankly… the ease of sticker paper would be my first choice.

You can generally find the sticker paper at an Office Supply or on line at Avery.

I took a few copies over for a couple of my grandsons, Glade and Randall, to look at and they grabbed the black and white ones… cause they wanted to color. These black and white printables are large…so they’re easy to color.

I was surprised to see Glade color the flowered bookplates first. Hmmm…I wonder who the flower book plates are for?

Then, he colored the dragonfly and added his name for his own notebook.

Randall went to town with the markers. He had a good time… He went through every one of the colored markers…. had to try them all, ya know.

Hey… just take a look at those baby blues… He’s a killer, huh?

Randall did a pretty good job with the scissors too.

Glade didn’t want to color all of them right then. He wanted to save some for school but… he cut his dragonfly book plate out right away!

His main class notebook is where Glade chose to put the bookplate he colored. He simply removed the backing from the sticker paper and placed the bookplate in just the right spot. Lookin’ good!

The full color sheet was a great choice for Glade to use in his smaller books. He ask if he could have
all the extras… cause he wanted to share the rest of the bookplates with his school chums. Good idea!

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P.S. My daughter Em came up with a great idea. “Mom, why don’t you do some small stickers that say, ‘This Belongs To’ or ‘This Is Mine’ so the sticker can go on pencil boxes… backpacks, crayons, glue, and all the little goodies that kids need to take to school.” Great idea Em… I’ll get on it right away. Look for these new little goodies in the next couple of weeks.

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