Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

These Christmas tags have been designed for your convenience and ease.  Why run out and purchase gift tags and mini cards… when you can have these free printable Christmas Gift Tags at a push of a printer button?

For years, I designed Christmas products.  In fact… we would begin designing for the next Christmas on January first of the new year.  It seemed like we lived Christmas 24 hours a day…365 days a year.  Designing  printed materials was my favorite area of design.  Putting these Christmas Gift Tags together for you was fun.

Christmas Greetings is a collection of icons on layered backgrounds.

Christmas Past is a collection of hand-painted Christmas icons.

Three Christmas Mini cards can be used as a tag or a small card you can tuck under the ribbon of a gift.

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Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Print your Christmas gift tags on card stock, sticker paper, or photo paper.

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