Thanksgiving Placecards

Thanksgiving placecards are a nice addition to your Thanksgiving table.  I find the kids love to include this little extra decor to the place setting because they get to choose who they sit by.

Thanksgiving, like Christmas, is generally filled with fun family traditions.  Our family customs bind us together and makes the holiday we are celebrating extra special.

One Thanksgiving tradition in our family is, the “setting of the table” the night before the big day.  A few of my grand kids come to spend the night and help with the preparations.  They clean up the folding tables and bring up extra chairs from the basement.  They put the linen on the tables and bring out the good china, silver and goblets.

Thanksgiving is my 12 year old grandson Wyatt’s favorite holiday.  He especially loves the whole turkey leg he puts on his plate.  And, he wouldn’t miss the “night before tradition” for all the tea in China.  He makes sure the younger kids “get it right” when it comes to the placing of the silver and napkins.

This year, they’re excited to add the palace cards.  Hope everyone will enjoy who they will be sitting by.

Here are three colorful placecard options you can choose from.  This is just a little way to include you in our “setting of the table” Thanksgiving tradition.  Print them on card stock or photo paper.  I like to print on a nice matte photo paper.

Let the kids print in the names and place them on the table… unless you know that Aunt Tilly would rather not sit next to Cousin Jon, who slurps his soup.  You might have to give a bit of guidance here and there.

Turkeys in a Row

Harvest Blessings

Fall Leaf and Berries.

Hope you enjoy!  Have a fun with your Thanksgiving Day preparations.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  The Thanksgiving placecards are designed so you can use them for note cards.  If you take a gift to your hostess, add this little card to your package or gift bag.  Write in their name or “Happy Thanksgiving” in the space to be used for the name on the placecard.

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