Halloween Party With Family And Friends

Hosting a Halloween party with family and friends can be so much fun…. especially if everyone wears a costume. I’m not much for a spooky Halloween party with scary things. My Halloween party scene is pretty mellow. It consists of the first fire in the grate… chili on the stove… cold cider in the fridge…fresh donuts on the platter and of course… all my grands dancing around, showing off their costumes.


The kids love our family Halloween party because they can run around my neighborhood in a flash, collecting extra goodies before settling down by the fire and sorting out their candy into categories. We live in a pretty safe area… which is nice on such occasions.

Are you having a Hallowen party for family or friends? If you are… you will need a Halloween party invitation. I’ve designed a couple for you. Simply run them off on card stock, or matte photo paper. They fit nicely in a standard small envelope so it’s it’s easy for you… no fan fare.

This is my early Halloween treat for  you.  I know… you would probably prefer chocolate… but downloading it from my computer to yours  is beyond my tech. savvy.

Click here for your Halloween party invitation download. (without the initials of course)

Hope you have a wonderful Fall and Halloween season.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  If you’re having a Halloween party with family only… make sure an take lots of photos.  My grands love to look at all the old photo from previous years.  In fact… those are pretty much the only ones they’re interested in.