A Thanksgiving Prayer For Your Dinner Guests

This Thanksgiving prayer card was inspired by a poem by Grace Noll Crowell  (1877 – 1967).  She published over thirty-five books of poetry, stories for children, and poem and prose devotions.  One of her most famous poems is  named, “Because I have Been Given Much.”  In 1975, Phillip Landgrave (1935 – )  composed the music and it has been included in the hymnals of many denominations.   In our church meetings, we sing it frequently.


I thought it might be a thoughtful addition to your Thanksgiving,  so I placed the prayer on a card among a leaf design so you could download it and make copies for your guests.   Simply run the Free Thanksgiving Prayer on photo paper.  Place the prayer on or next to your guest’s  dinner plate.  At the end of the day, your guest can take it home to display on their  fridge or elsewhere as a little reminder.

If you need “Place Cards” for your Thanksgiving table… click here to view 3 printable designs .  You can download them from the post.   They will also make a lovely addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving is certainly a time for reflection and gratitude of blessing received this past year.  I want to express my gratitude to my readers by giving you this Thanksgiving Prayer to enjoy and use.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  In addition to the Thanksgiving Prayer, there is a Fall bookmark for you to use in a special book.  (I had extra room at the side of the card design… just a little extra bonus.)

One response to “A Thanksgiving Prayer For Your Dinner Guests”

  1. Thanks so much for the beautiful poem and place cards. They will be great to use for our guests at my work. I also love the printables.
    Appreciate you sharing!