School Policies – Are you Watching?

School policies for your children vary from state to state and from district to district.  Are you watching?  In the last several weeks, it has come to my attention that some districts have policies in place that may not be in the best interest of your family.

When you sign your children up for the school each year, the district has documents that parents sign that allow the school certain rights regarding your kids.   Because, each district is different, you need to be aware of the permission you are giving the school during school hours in your particular area.

1.  Immunizations records follow your children through out their entire school career.  Once you give permission to have your child immunized, your child’s health is in the hands of the state.  If your child in not immunized, or you do not keep up with their shots,  they can be denied entrance into school… at any given grade.  However, by law, your child can be exempted from immunization by following the Exempt Procedures on the back of the Record.

Now why do I discourage you from signing this document?  Because, if you do, you have just turned the health of your child over to the state.  At any time… the government can require your child to be immunized for anything they deem appropriate.  Immunization has gone well beyond Polio, Measles, Mumps, etc.  The list now up to 12 vaccinations… which some are repeated several times.  The next immunization that is being pushed to be on the list is the the Gardasil HPV vaccine for young girls for uterine protection.  The push is to immunize girls as young as 9 years old.

Now I’m not going to get into a debate as to whether you should have your children immunized or not.  I just think it needs to be take out of the hands of the state.  If you are exempt from signing the school policy… then you can manage your kids immunizations and health needs with out government interference. By not signing, you can examine each immunization requirement individually and make your own determination. You never know what’s coming down the pike.

2. Be careful of what records you allow to be passed from school to school.  You do have the right not to allow a school to pass on Special Education Records or Psychological Reports.  Are you are aware… in some states you are not allow to ever see your child’s school records? However, some social services can review, or  be given information from them.   So protect your family… don’t give any information you don’t want the school to have.

3.  In some districts, you sign away your parental rights as long as the child is in school.  Your child can be questioned by a councilor, principal, or teacher concerning family matters.  Caution your children about revealing “family matters” that are really family matters.

4.  If you think it’s alright to take your child out of school for a day for a family activity… you could be wrong.  In the State of Utah, the only valid reasons for missing school are: A. Illness.  B. A family death.  C. An approved school activity (field trip).  D. An absence permitted by the school… which is rehabilitation, or individualized education for those who have disabilities.   That’s why they can lower your child’s grade if their absences don’t fall in the above categories.  Schools can be tough on this issue, or lenient.  Know where your school stands.

I realize policies are put into place for a few irresponsible parents.  But…I don’t want to forfeit my rights when I have a choice and can do something about it.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Hmmm.  Does it mean if I don’t immunize my child… and they kick him out of school… they can take him away from me because he is truant?