Birthday Celebration – Norah Corinna Griffiths

Norah Corrina Griffiths celebrated her sixth birthday on March sixteenth.   It was also the anniversary date of my dad’s death 23 years ago.  Six years ago, I can just see my father kissing little Norah good-bye and gently nudging her off a cloud.  Her soul danced her way into our lives after a difficult delivery.   Without going into details… Norah arrived under adverse circumstances… and if she had been born in a previous age… we wouldn’t have Norah, nor her mom, Martha.  What a marvelous day and age  to be living.

Grandma and Grandpa Wright… and I were invited to a private event.. a cake and ice cream party.  The real birthday party comes on Saturday… with a girlie Tea Party event.  If you want to see plans in the making… take a look here.  Wow!


The right side of Norah’s brain runs her life.   If she had it her way… she would dance and sing through life…only stopping long enough to paint and draw a picture.  (Nana is busting her buttons… Look’s like we have another artist in the family.)   This is “Sleeping Beauty” … a Pacasso  if I ever saw one.


Aren’t blowing out the candles just the best… You never get to old to enjoy that moment.  Well…..unless there’s too many candles… or your wind has dissipated to a breeze.


Yep… Here she is… in her new Cheer Leading out fit.   A real show woman here.

Happy Birthday Norah.  Nana loves you much.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Birthday celebrations have a down side too.  They are gentle reminders that we are all getting ….. What?     Old?
P.P.S. March is a big birthday month in our family. If you haven’t received your free birthday gift…. go here and get it now.