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  • White Trash Cooking: Green Beans & New Red Potatoes Recipe

    Snap Beans, String Beans or just plain old Green beans… they’re all the same when it come to White Trash Cooking. My grandma called them Snap Beans. I guess ’cause the green beans make a little snap when you take off the ends or break the green bean in half. I don’t know why I […]

  • Fresh Mex Salsa Recipe

    A fresh mex salsa recipe is just what you need now that the tomatoes are reaching their peak. My homemade salsa recipe, “Fresh Mex Fiesta Salsa” will be a home run hit with your family. A sure thing for pot-luck-suppers, as well . It’s so good and hardy that we often make it a lite […]

  • New Potato Recipe: Fresh Parsley Potatoes

    This parsley potato recipe, using new potatoes, is easy and delicious. Using fresh parsley from your garden is so much better than the dried parsley we’re forced to use in the winter time. The ingredients are simple: new potatoes, seasoning salt, butter, and parsley. Easy does it! Harvest your parsley. Wash.. and place the parsley […]

  • Cooking With Herbs – Dill Dip

    Cooking with herbs adds a wonderful subtle flavor to foods. This dill dip uses the airy fern like leaves of the dill weed plant and is absolutely delicious. This dill dip recipe also requires fresh parsley leaves which give it added flavor. The herbs are coming on strong right now and it’s time to begin […]

  • Best Strawberry Daiquiri Slush

    I was introduced to the best strawberry daiquiri (virgin of course) by Gene Latta, a Chef at Brigham Young University. This is an quick easy recipe you can use to win your family’s favor… on hot summer evenings. This daiquiri recipe is so easy, your kids can prepare it and treat you… while you relax […]