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  • Printable Mother’s Day Cards – Mother’s Day Cards to Color

    Here are a couple of printable Mother’s Day Cards you can print in a snap. These unique cards are designed for your kids to attach their small school photos. Of course… they can color the card… or there is a pre-colored card available for them to just cut and give. I suggest the cards be […]

  • Kids Coloring Pages – Valentine Cards

    Your kids coloring pages are here.  Here are two Valentine card designs to choose from.   The  kids can color their own Valentines to surprise mom and dad,  grandma and grandpa…. or their friends. Of course, there is the back and white printable for coloring… or they can choose the pre-colored version.  The small icon […]

  • Unique Wedding Gifts And Wedding Cards

    Selecting unique wedding gifts and cards isn’t much of a challenge if you’re trying to please both the bride and groom. “Couple” gifts are usually the most common wedding gifts offered. You know…housewares for the kitchen…. a toaster, can opener, and steak knives.   And, who spends the most time in the kitchen?  Generally, it’s […]

  • Easter Bunny & Chicks On Easter Cards & Place Cards

    The Easter Bunny and Chicks are probably the most recognizable icons for Easter.  As a child, Easter was an exciting time because the Easter bunny always left, a necklace, new socks, and patten leather shoes next to a Chocolate Rabbit.  Mom would dress her daughters up in their finest and march us all off to […]

  • Happy Birthday Wishes – Free Birthday Printables

    Happy Birthday wishes are in store for six members of my family this month. March is going to be a pretty busy month.  Three of the birthdays are lined up in a row. On March 4, my grand daughter, Ella Benson will celebrate her 7th birthday.   What a beautiful delightful child!    She is the first […]

  • Free St Patrick’s Day Coloring Sheets

    Here are a few St. Patrick’s day coloring sheets for your kid or grands to enjoy. Kids love to prepare and decorated for any occasion… and these St. Patrick’s coloring sheets gives them the opportunity to prepare for the “wearing of the green.” Here’s a bit of St. Patrick’s Day trivia. 1. As the English […]

  • Free Printable Love Notes For Your Valentine

    These free printable Love Notes for your Valentine is my Valentine gift to you. Thank you for being a part of the Insightful Nana community. Remember the Christmas tradition of the 12 days of Christmas. You know…where you secretly take a gift to a loved one or friend for 12 days in a row. Why […]

  • Free Printable Christmas Gift Tags

    These Christmas tags have been designed for your convenience and ease.  Why run out and purchase gift tags and mini cards… when you can have these free printable Christmas Gift Tags at a push of a printer button? For years, I designed Christmas products.  In fact… we would begin designing for the next Christmas on […]

  • Forcing Flower Bulbs For Christmas

    Forcing flower bulbs for Christmas gifts is a great idea for a simple inexpensive gift.  Get your kids involved… this project makes a great teacher gift.  It’s a gift the teacher can leave in the classroom and class members can enjoy the gift too.   I’m offering your free gift tags with instructions for your […]

  • Halloween Jack 0 Lantern – Printables

    These Halloween Jack O Lantern printables are precolored for your convenience.  Black and white copies are also provided for your kids or grandkids to color.  There are three printable pumpkin designs for you to choose from and you’ll want to print them all. If your young ones are having a Halloween party… coloring these pumpkins […]