Easter Coloring Sheets

Easter is just around the color and your Easter coloring sheets are ready for you to download.   Kids love to color them with crayons, colored pencils or markers.  I keep plenty coloring pages on hand for when the “grands” come to visit.

I received a sweet note my friend, Betty.  She runs off the coloring sheets for the hospital, where she works.  So often children show up to the hospital with their folks and get pretty bored waiting for mom or dad.  The nurses and aids offer them the coloring sheets to keep them busy.  Great idea.  If you know of a pre-school teacher who would enjoy them…. simply pass on the URL of this site so their students can enjoy them too.


Three things I love about Easter:

1.  I know Spring is just around the corner.

2.  I love bright Easter colors.

3.  I look forward to our family Easter Egg hunt.

Four  printable coloring sheets are available.  Each critter is on a separate 8.5 x 11 page for you to download. The links are below.

Colored Bunny

Black and White Bunny

Colored Chick

Black and White Chick.


Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  I found some great Easter recipes and crafts in a Family Easter Activity Book.  It’s a Must!  Check it out!

P.P.S.   Don’t forget Easter cards and Easter place cards. I’ve designed some cute cards you can tuck into your Easter gifts… and the kids always love to put names on place cards for your guests.

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St. Patrick Coloring Page

Your St. Patrick Coloring pages are ready for you to download for your kids.  I remember how important holidays were to me as a child.  St. Patrick’s Day was one of my favorites because it was fun to catch the unsuspecting friend who forgot to wear green.  Pinches all around.

I’ve often wondered why St. Patrick’s Day was such a big deal here in the United States.  After learning there are 4.1 million people who live in Ireland and  35 million people in the U.S., who have Irish ancestry, it makes sense.  Going back several generations, there’s a bit of Irish blood in my veins also.

Kids look forward to the “wearing of the green” and celebrating one of the oldest observed holidays.

stpatrick10 Here are your St. Patrick day choices.

Tall St Patrick colored

Tall St. Patrick Black and White

Pat colored

Pat Black and White

I remember a neighbor, who made shamrock sugar cookies with green icing sprinkled with shiny sugar crystals.   I couldn’t wait to get mine.  They seemed extra special since my mom didn’t do the sugar cookie routine.   I never fell into the sugar cookie routine either… that’s why I look for mine at the local grocery store.  I love sugar cookies.

Print off the St. Patrick coloring sheets for your kids to enjoy.  Keep them busy with a few crayons and markers.

Til Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  I keep a stack of  St. Patrick Coloring pages printed since my grands visit at different times.  They are so use to having seasonal coloring pages around, they always look for them when they come by.


A Thanksgiving Prayer For Your Dinner Guests

This Thanksgiving prayer card was inspired by a poem by Grace Noll Crowell  (1877 – 1967).  She published over thirty-five books of poetry, stories for children, and poem and prose devotions.  One of her most famous poems is  named, “Because I have Been Given Much.”  In 1975, Phillip Landgrave (1935 – )  composed the music and it has been included in the hymnals of many denominations.   In our church meetings, we sing it frequently.


I thought it might be a thoughtful addition to your Thanksgiving,  so I placed the prayer on a card among a leaf design so you could download it and make copies for your guests.   Simply run the Free Thanksgiving Prayer on photo paper.  Place the prayer on or next to your guest’s  dinner plate.  At the end of the day, your guest can take it home to display on their  fridge or elsewhere as a little reminder.

If you need “Place Cards” for your Thanksgiving table… click here to view 3 printable designs .  You can download them from the post.   They will also make a lovely addition to your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving is certainly a time for reflection and gratitude of blessing received this past year.  I want to express my gratitude to my readers by giving you this Thanksgiving Prayer to enjoy and use.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  In addition to the Thanksgiving Prayer, there is a Fall bookmark for you to use in a special book.  (I had extra room at the side of the card design… just a little extra bonus.)


Halloween Party With Family And Friends

Hosting a Halloween party with family and friends can be so much fun…. especially if everyone wears a costume. I’m not much for a spooky Halloween party with scary things. My Halloween party scene is pretty mellow. It consists of the first fire in the grate… chili on the stove… cold cider in the fridge…fresh donuts on the platter and of course… all my grands dancing around, showing off their costumes.


The kids love our family Halloween party because they can run around my neighborhood in a flash, collecting extra goodies before settling down by the fire and sorting out their candy into categories. We live in a pretty safe area… which is nice on such occasions.

Are you having a Hallowen party for family or friends? If you are… you will need a Halloween party invitation. I’ve designed a couple for you. Simply run them off on card stock, or matte photo paper. They fit nicely in a standard small envelope so it’s it’s easy for you… no fan fare.

This is my early Halloween treat for  you.  I know… you would probably prefer chocolate… but downloading it from my computer to yours  is beyond my tech. savvy.

Click here for your Halloween party invitation download. (without the initials of course)

Hope you have a wonderful Fall and Halloween season.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  If you’re having a Halloween party with family only… make sure an take lots of photos.  My grands love to look at all the old photo from previous years.  In fact… those are pretty much the only ones they’re interested in.


Thanksgiving Placecards

Thanksgiving placecards are a nice addition to your Thanksgiving table.  I find the kids love to include this little extra decor to the place setting because they get to choose who they sit by.

Thanksgiving, like Christmas, is generally filled with fun family traditions.  Our family customs bind us together and makes the holiday we are celebrating extra special.

One Thanksgiving tradition in our family is, the “setting of the table” the night before the big day.  A few of my grand kids come to spend the night and help with the preparations.  They clean up the folding tables and bring up extra chairs from the basement.  They put the linen on the tables and bring out the good china, silver and goblets.

Thanksgiving is my 12 year old grandson Wyatt’s favorite holiday.  He especially loves the whole turkey leg he puts on his plate.  And, he wouldn’t miss the “night before tradition” for all the tea in China.  He makes sure the younger kids “get it right” when it comes to the placing of the silver and napkins.

This year, they’re excited to add the palace cards.  Hope everyone will enjoy who they will be sitting by.

Here are three colorful placecard options you can choose from.  This is just a little way to include you in our “setting of the table” Thanksgiving tradition.  Print them on card stock or photo paper.  I like to print on a nice matte photo paper.

Let the kids print in the names and place them on the table… unless you know that Aunt Tilly would rather not sit next to Cousin Jon, who slurps his soup.  You might have to give a bit of guidance here and there.

Turkeys in a Row

Harvest Blessings

Fall Leaf and Berries.

Hope you enjoy!  Have a fun with your Thanksgiving Day preparations.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  The Thanksgiving placecards are designed so you can use them for note cards.  If you take a gift to your hostess, add this little card to your package or gift bag.  Write in their name or “Happy Thanksgiving” in the space to be used for the name on the placecard.

As I See It Holidays

Election Day Blues

This morning, I had the election day blues.  After today… our nations will not be the same… no matter who wins. I have to admit… at 6:00 this morning I wasn’t quite convinced I wanted to be one of the first in line at the polls.  But… imagining a 2 hour wait later on during the day wasn’t very appealing either.  So, I yawned all the way to Hillcrest school to vote.  I was #10 in line.

As I slipped my blue card into the voting machine… I had mix emotions.  If I voted for McCain… I would be voting for a continued war effort in a conflict I personally don’t think we should be involved in.   If I voted for Obama…I would be voting for a socialist government.

Observing the effects of a socialist government in China was not a pretty sight. I left China wondering how could the masses have been so duped.  I came home from China and read many many books in order to get a little better understanding of the government and people’s way of live.  I don’t pretend to understand it all.  But, I do know this…. a wonderful nation of people have suffer at the hands of a socialist government.

In 1949 the people were harshly suppressed by their present government.  So when Mao offered the people “fairness” which,  was to take the land from landlords and divided it among the people… it sounded life saving.  Rob the rich and give to the poor…also know as the “Common Rice Bowl.”   No one would ever go hungry again.

Perhaps Mao’s intention in the beginning was pure but, I don’t know that.  I just know… it didn’t work for the masses.  Millions of people starved during the “Great Leap Forward.”  Millions died at the hands of the government during “Cultural Revolution.”  Chairman Mao became power hungry.  Many men would follow his legacy and would continue to enslave an intelligent, hard working people.   Don’t let the Olympics fool you!

If you want to read a great book on China,  I suggest you read “Wild Swans” by Jung Chang.  It’s a true story of three generations of women.  When I read it… I said to myself, “Oh my gosh… it’s happening here in this country.”   Americans are being slowly duped… like the people of China were in 1949.

So… with that in mind… I voted… well… McCain, which I think is the lesser of “two evils.”   Although I don’t think he will win… my conscience would not let me vote any other way.  Obama looks good and has a smooth tongue… but I fear for our ultimate liberty.  I really believe… we’re in for a “Hell of a Ride.”

Just my point of view from my state, from my community and from my house.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Election Day will be over tomorrow.  I’m going to gather in my chicks and ride out the storm.

P.P.S.  This is a great book.  Click on the book image and pick it up from Amazon.


Free Halloween Printables

These free Halloween printables are just the ticket for your Halloween favors.  These headers can be used to top a candy Halloween gift for your party guests or the treats for those little ones who come to your door for trick or treat and a little Halloween fun.

If you want to take a gift to a friend, take a Halloween gift… such as a bright, cheery orange pumpkin.  There are so many fun pumpkin varieties these days, it would make a fun gift.   Write your greeting inside of the tag and simply tie it to the stem of the pumpkin with a piece of jute or ribbon.

For my other Halloween treats, I found clear bags at my local paper store…I’ve also seen them at Wal-mart.  The bags are 3 1/2″ X 7.”  I filled one bag with my special Carmel Popcorn. I cut the top down on another bag and filled with Halloween candy corn.  The final bag, I filled with jelly pumpkins, tied the bag closed with jute and attached the tag.

Cottage In The Country is having a month long Halloween party.  I’m offering these Free Halloween Printable Header/Tags to all party goers. Check out this site and join in the Halloween fun.  Great Halloween party ideas, Halloween activities and free Halloween printable await you there.

Have a fun time at the party.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  The Halloween party will soon be over but I want to continue to give you free printables. The holidays are coming up and you won’t want to miss all the fun things I have planned for you.  Besides… you’ll get a free report on stress immediately for joining.  Once your on the list… you won’t have to ever sign in again.  Don’t worry about your personal information… your information is safe… I hate spam!

All you have to do is sign in the box in the upper right hand corner. Simple! Sign in now… for all future give-a-ways!

P.P.S.  Don’t forget your other free printables…. Halloween coloring sheets for your kids.  Check them out!


Pioneer Day Celebration

The annual Pioneer Day celebration commemorating the arrival of the Mormon Pioneers into the Salt Lake valley was on held on the 24th of July. The first recognized pioneers entered the Salt Lake valley, under the direction of Brigham Young, on July 24, 1847. (Opps… on the video, I said it was 1843… “beg yer pardon.”) Today, the once dry barren valley, on the edge of a great lake of salt, is a booming, growing metropolis.

My friend, Marie, a native of the Spanish Fork, Ut., called and reminded me that there was fun to be had… on this day of remembrance. The Spanish Fork annual celebration is small but fun… and one that my old nerves can manage. So… three of my grandsons, Wyatt, Glade, and Randall and I ventured south of my home to the festivities.

The four of us wandered among the booths that were selling nic-nacks… bought a couple of things and checked out the great food vendors. The boys settled on Pizza.. (don’t as me why) and… I had a great pulled pork sandwich.

We walked down the street to a historic home that has transported old pioneer log cabins to the property and we found handmade quilts were on display among the pioneer historic relics.

The quilts were made by local ladies and were displayed on the clothes lines and on fences. What a beautiful site to behold. Just look at all the talent, and creativity in one location.

We all found our favorite quilts and the boys, tried their roping skills on mannequin cows.

After we watched a blacksmith at work… and purchased double scoops of homemade ice cream… we headed for home. What a fun day. I love to spend time with my grandkids… “They make my heart happy.”

I often wonder what the pioneers would think of the ease of our day. I’m grateful for their many efforts to make this valley a great place to live an raise a family. With that said, I’m thrilled to be living in this day and age with so many conveniences: air conditioning, central heating, computers, cell phones, air travel, my trusty old car, electricity, grocery stores, Baijo Grill… I could go on forever. I’m just grateful!

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. I was standing next to a young girl at a vendor booth who was whining… and I mean whining. You know… that high pitched nasal whine that drives you crazy. The vendor didn’t have any “mood rings” for sell. “Whaaaa!” “Only these stupid necklaces and purses.” Wanted to smack her!

When I meet the Pioneers on the other side of the “pearly gates”… I don’t think they want to hear me whine about petty things. I remember someone saying. “Most of the time, we really don’t have any problems… just inconveniences.” I need to remember that more often.


Rural Living And Hometown Celebration

Rural living has its advantages when it come to a hometown 4th of July celebration. It’s relaxing… no traffic to beat in order to get to the parade on time… no long lines to the rodeo grounds… and everybody gets front seats for the fireworks show.

My family and I love to spend time at our country mountain retreat, in the quiet, lush green, clear blue sky rural area of Tabiona, Utah… and celebrate with the hometown crowd.

We line up our chairs under a huge black willow tree in front of the school. The hometown folks are proud of their shiny firetruck and ambulance. These vehicles start the parade. “Reeve up those sirens and let the show begin.”

If you attend the Tabby 4th of July parade, it’s an event you’re not likely to forget anytime soon. You can even participate in the parade if your have a horse, a donkey, a cement mixer, a 4 wheeler, a “big” new truck, a wagon, a bike, or just two legs. Everyone from near and far is welcome to line up the end of the street. You can be old, young, or in-between. There’s no age discrimination here!

But… candy is a must… yes…if you’re not willing to stock up on candy to throw to the crowd… don’t bother getting into the line up. You must remember, the crowd is waiting on the sidelines, eager for the “sweet treats.”

Snooks Roberts is 93 years old and participates every year. This year he’s “hometown proud” of his 75 year old liquor still. He’s says it’s the same still that was owned by my grandfather Girolomo DiStefano during the prohibition. (But, that’s another story for another time.)

Look at this slab of rock. This translucent beauty is mined just north of town at the foot of the great Uinta Mountains… only place known to have this yellow stone. They found the vein only a few years ago and now the rock is being used for tables, counter tops and trinkets. They ship a fair amount of stone to Italy… how about that!

Rural area parades like to show off their “hometown glory”… the country girls… riding proud on their ponies. Every young lady has a chance for one shining moment in the Tabiona parade… all they need is a horse, a smile, and a waving hand.

Now… one thing is for sure… you don’t get overly tired of watching the parade floats go by. The event is so short that they turn around at the end of the street and come back by to make it worth the time you spent packing up the cooler with drinks and loading all those darn chairs in the back of the car.

After the last candy is thrown from the last 4 wheeler… everyone packs up their goods and heads to the school where the locals preform. Again… anyone and everyone can participate. Gives those full figure gals an opportunity to show off their dancing and cheerleading skills. And, any young man who thinks he can strum a guitar and sing is welcome to get his big start on the Tabiona stage. Has to have a big hat though!

In the evening, off to the rodeo grounds the crowd goes… to see the locals as well as a few professional get buck off their horses… after which the fireworks begin. We usually back our truck up to the fence, cuddle up in blankets and watch the spectacular event on our backs. Don’t ask me why… but they use to play bagpipe music during this affair… thank heaven that don’t do that anymore.

The evening is cool, and the small of the new cut hay is just the ticket for the ending of a wonderful day in “Rural America.”

“My Country Tis Of Thee….”

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Rural areas usually have a little cafe where you can get great home style cooking….or at least a good burger and real fries. We love “The Sage”… or we run down the road to the “Hanna Cafe.” “Chicken Fried Steak anyone?”

As I See It Holidays

4th Of July Hot Air Balloon Festival

The morning sun had not crested the east mountains at Provo’s 4th of July Hot Air Balloon Festival, when several hundred people gathered to see the launching of the balloons. Me… included. Every year, hot air balloons arrive from all over the country with their pilots and crew to entertain the crowd.

Usually, I don’t get out of bed to see the actual launching. Waiting until I can hear the “whoooshing” sound above my house, is my clue to arise from my bed and take a look toward the sky. I see a lot of balloons because there are several open areas near my home… so pilots can land safely.

This year, I braved the early morning (6:00) and ventured down to see the launch. What! people are up at this hour… including kids? It was worth it. It’s exciting to watch, as the pilots pulled their levers, and a blast of flame heated the air in the balloon… and I really enjoyed the event.

This whole idea was started by a couple of French boys who sent a duck and a pig skyward. No propane to heat the air in their makes shift balloon… so they used straw and manure. The animals survived… which convinced the king the mode of travel was safe for humans. Not to long after that, another Frenchman took the first flight.

Hot air rises when it’s next to cool air… that’s the reason balloons are launched in the cool of the morning. The pilot catches the wind current and directs the balloon. However, since it’s not an exact science…they can’t land back in the exact spot. They watch for an open area and lower the balloon. The crew follows the balloon from the ground to see where it lands. They drive the truck to the landing spot… and pack up the balloon until the next launch.

Last year, a balloon landed a block from my house. My granddaughters, Ella and Claire and I, ran over to take a look. I was surprised to see the balloon stuffed into such a small container. Like stuffing a sleeping bag into a small sleeve. We joined the crew in their celebration by drinking a toast to the journey. Martinellis all around.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. I did a little video taping of the hot air balloons to share with you. It would help if I remembered how to use the camera. I thought the red dot in the viewer meant stop… and the green meant go. Makes sense to me. But no… just the opposite. So I have videoed my feet, the grass and heavens knows what all. I think it was just a little too early for me. Maybe I’ll go back in the morning…. I said, “Maybe.”

P.P.S. Enjoy the rest of the photos.