Category: Be Prepared

  • Wheat Storage – Dry Beans and Rice Storage

    Now is the time to invest your wheat storage and other long term dry food storage such as dry beans and rice.  These dry foods are the basics for emergency food storage. The prices were sky high about a year ago, but the cost of dry foods are relatively low at this time. A five […]

  • Preparing For Disaster And Helping Your Kids To Not Be Afraid

    Preparing for disaster can be tricky business when it comes to educating children for something that may never happen. With the convenience of technology, exposure to witnessing the effects of an emergency or disaster is much more readily accessible to our children than it was several years ago.  Graphic photos and video that come across […]

  • Keep Documents Safe – Important Personal Documents

    Keep documents safe.  Your personal documents may not survive an emergency disaster that comes unexpectedly.  You may find that you don’t have time to gather them up at the time of the disaster.  No matter where you live, no one is immune from the possibility of become a victim of flood, fire, or earthquake. Your […]

  • Special Needs – Emergency Preparedness

    The “Special Needs” your family will need in case of an unexpected crisis is our next emergency preparedness category. Since every family is different, “Special Needs” will vary from person to person within a household. Perhaps you have a baby, a pet or an elderly person living in your home. “Special Needs” are the individual […]

  • Emergency Prepareness – Sanitation

    Proper sanitation and hygiene are critical during the time of emergency.   Disease runs rampant after a disaster strikes if proper sanitation and hygiene standards are not kept high.  You probably already know this… but as many people die because of unchecked sanitary conditions during a disaster, than the actual disaster itself.   Proper disposal […]

  • Back To Basics – Basic Survival Skills – Water

    Water is the next “basic” you will need for your “Closet survival preparation.” Behind electricity and heat, water is the next thing that is likely to “go down” after a natural disaster. One can survive for several weeks without food, but only a few days without  water.  An adult needs about two litters a day […]

  • Back To Basics – Basic Survival Skills – Food

    Knowing basic survival skills is really getting back to basics.  Sound emergency preparation can relieve your mind and eliminate the fear that comes from not being prepared in case of an individual or a collective hardship. After attending a meeting, on surviving a Pandemic, I decided to include helpful information on this site that will […]

  • Winter Automobile Emergency Preparedness

    Besides making sure your automobile has plenty of coolant… you should consider having an emergency preparedness winter kit in your car. Last winter, here in Utah, we had an unusual storm hit the “point of the mountain”, as we call it.  This area is south of Salt Lake City, just as you enter Utah County.  […]