Only Good Friday

My Garden Harvest – “Only The Good” Friday

On this “Good Friday”… I want to share my veggie garden harvest.  This  harvest may not look like a lot to you… but I’m proud!   I’ve been harvesting tomatoes for several weeks now … but the cukes are new.  Wow! They were hiding under the leaves and I hadn’t noticed.  Not a bad yield  for 4 cucumber plants I planted in my flower bed.   My peppers are coming along too.


Now the strawberries are a sad lot.  I’m lucky to get these few… because the quail usually beat me to them.

Now… I don’t garden for great yield.   I go down to my friend, “Farmer Grant’s” garden store when I want an abundance of produce.  I garden for my “Soul.”  There is nothing like watching the plants grow and develop produce.  I’m out in my garden everyday… checking things out.

Garden Sanctuary
You who walk,
Maybe with troubled thoughts,
Come, enter here and rest;
And may the sweet serenity of growing things,
And the heavenly,peace
Be mirrored in they soul.
-Doxis M. Palmer

I enter my little garden… and love the sweet serenity of the flowers and veggies I grow… no matter how small.

I hope you have a hobby or some small thing that give you respite for your soul.

Have a “Good Friday.”

Till later,


Insightful Nana

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Only Good Friday

Pioneer Day In Utah – “Only The Good” Friday

Today is Pioneer Day here in Utah.   Completing a treacherous thousand-mile exodus, an ill and exhausted Brigham Young and fellow members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints arrived in Utah’s Great Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. The Mormon pioneers viewed their arrival as the founding of a Mormon homeland, hence Pioneer Day.

The Mormons, as they were commonly known,  left their homes in Nauvoo, Illinois and journeyed West seeking refuge from religious persecution.


Determined to settle in an isolated region, the pioneers made their way across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains to Utah. (The region was Mexican territory.  Utah, the 45th state, did not acquire statehood until Jan. 1896 )  They lost many of their party to disease during the winter months. By the time that they reached Utah, the desolate valley was a welcome sight.  Brigham Young and his party entered the Salt Lake valley on July 24, 1847.   By December, of 1847, nearly 2,000 Mormons had settled in the Salt Lake Valley.

Over the next twenty three years, over 70,000 latter-day- saints would journey from foreign countries and the eastern United States to join the pioneers in the Salt Lake valley.

I give tribute to those pioneers who blazed a trail across the United States to the West… allowing many people to follow their trail…  to  settle the west.  As a note of interest… the railroad coming from the East coast and the West coast joins in Utah….. just a few miles north of Salt Lake City.

On this “Only The Good” Friday…  the 24th of July….  I wanted to share a bit of my heritage with you.

Have a Good Friday!


Insightful Nana

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Only Good Friday

My Country ‘Tis Of Thee – “Only The Good” Friday

“My Country ‘Tis Of Thee,”  was taught to my second grade class by my teacher, Miss Hyatt.  It’s one of my favorite patriotic songs. The words,  “From Every Mountain Side…Let Freedom Ring,” went straight to my heart.  Since a grand view of the rocky mountains could be seen from our class room window… I was sure the song has been written especially for us.

Follow the words and listen to the tune here.

In 1831, Reverend Samuel Francis Smith was approached by the famed organist and composer, Lowell Mason, who had with him some German school music books. Mason wanted Smith to either translate the German, or write new text for the tunes.  Smith particularly like one tune and rather than translate the German, he wrote new lyrics for it…. “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee.”


In 1938, Marian Anderson, a famous African American contralto, was refused permission to sing in Constitution Hall by the Daughters of the American Revolution.   Their refusal placed Anderson into the spotlight of the international community on a level usually only found by high profile celebrities and politicians.

She never openly complained… and on Easter Sunday, 1939, “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee” was brought to the forefront when Marian Anderson sang it at an open-air concert, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.   A crowd of more than 75,000 people and a radio audience in the millions heard her performance.

You can see her preformance here,

And… who could forget Aurtha Frankin’s rendition, 70 years later, at the last inauguration.   Wow… Love the hat.

On July 4th, we will be celebrating the two hundred thirty-third birthday of signing of the Declaration of Independence.   And, on this “Good” Friday,  I’m grateful and proud to be an American as was Marion Anderson and Aretha Franklin.  I carry a pocket size copy of the Constitution Of The United States, which is read frequently.  I have a lot to be thankful for and defend in these uncertain times.   “My Country “Tis Of Thee… Sweet Land Of Liberty… I Thee I Sing.”

Have a “Good” Friday” and a  great 4th of July.

Insightful Nana

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Only Good Friday

High Speed Internet – “Only The Good” Friday

For the last four days I’ve been out at our  Retreat in the Uintah Mts… without a High Speed Internet connection.  In fact… no Internet connection at all.  Yikes… I didn’t know how much I depend upon it.   No e-mail contact, no blogs, no research….oh my gosh… I feel like a fisherman without  line, sinker and bait.

Our place is right up on the side of Mt. Tabiona where no Internet connection has been available… until now!  Yeah!   While there, I found that High Speed was available as of  the first of the year.  So… off I went, 60 miles away, to sign up.  The connection will take about a week to connect but I’ll be off and running the next time I go out.


My business depends on the Internet but no sense in staying in the hot city working when I can be out  watching the hummingbirds, chipmunks, and deer…. or RAIN



June has been a cool wet month and this week was no exception.  My daughter, Emily, and the Grands were at our leisure when it started to rain for the 10th time.   We were caught off guard when it began to  pelt us with  large pea like hail stones.


We watch the water flow and wash out the road.


Wow… Winter in Summer.


Finally the clouds parted and the sun came out.



After a rain storm everything is so lush and green.  What a sight to behold.

So… today is a “Good” Friday.  High Speed Internet and Sunshine.  What more could I ask for.

Have a “Good” Friday too.

Kathy Griffiths


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P.P.S.  My 15 year old Grand Daughter, McKenzie, took the photos.  Good job Kenzie.

Only Good Friday

Happy Father’s Day – “Only The Good” Friday

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  My daddy has been gone for over 20 years, but he’s remembered in my mind’s eye… often.  On this “Only the Good Friday,” I want to celebrate my Father… James Woodrow DiStefano.


Don’t you think my dad was a good looking man…. actually movie star material?

Last night, I attended the DiStefano family reunion planning meeting.  As the meeting progressed,  my thoughts went back to my Dad’s nonstop effort in getting an estranged family together after many years of separation.


My father, James, was the third child in a family of nine children… eight boys and one girl.   (He’s the second from the right.)   Dad’s family suffered through the depression, like so many others in rural Tabiona, Utah.  His father abandoned his mother and the children, so Dad took on the role of Father and bread winner.  He worked in a government CC camp, building a dam. 

Just before he reached his twenty-first birthday, his mom pass away.   The  younger children were farmed out to be raised by relatives and friends.   As time went on, the children married, but due to distance and circumstances… they had an “on and off” relationship with each other.

Dad felt it was important to get the family together to heal old wounds.   The first couple of years were sparse in number but the numbers eventually grew.  Now we have well over 100 family members that annually meet in Tabiona for two days of games, a raffle, dancing and of course feasting…. and feast we do.  We have been gathering as a family for over 35 years now.


All of the original family members, except one,  are gone now… but a great legacy has been left. (Dad is on the far right.)  Extended family members  may not see each other all year long but when we come together at the family reunion it feels friendly, comfortable and “at home.”

On this “Good” Friday before Father’s day,  I want to say, “Thanks, Dad for having the love and foresight to bring an estranged family together for a “Good” time.  Those who have gone on, would glad to know that we have continued this tradition in your absence.

Hope this Father’s Day finds you with a “Good” relationship or “Good” memories of your dad too.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

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Only Good Friday

Art Linkletter’s Kids – “Only The Good” Friday

Yea! The sun is out on this “Good” Friday.  I was getting a little blue after so much rain… so I turned to You Tube for a bit if entertainment.  I love kids… and so did Art Linkletter.  I remember going home for lunch from elementary school and watching “Kids Say The Darndest Things,” on the Art Linkletter show.   Now that was entertainment.


If you’re like me, I get a big kick out of the funny things kids say.  My “Grands” can really come up with some “doozies,” that really make me laugh.  Children are so innocent with their words.  So on this “Only The Good” Friday, I want to share with you a little entertainment to brighten your day.  Between the sunshine and a good chuckle… this is a “Good” Friday for me.

Have a “Good” Friday… and I hope the sun is shining on you today!

Till Later

Insightful Nana

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Only Good Friday

Virtual Relationships – “Only The Good” Friday

Virtual relationships are made everyday on the Internet.   The definition of “Virtual” is interesting.  It means “All Most”… “Imitation”… “Computer Generated.”  Are the relationships formed on the internet make believe?  Are they imitation…  artificial?  Hmmmmm.

Well,  I have to confess… I have many Virtual Relationships via the Internet.  I love to get to know people via their blogs… and I am a member of a couple of forums.  One group I belong to is a business forum called “Milagroworld.” It’s a forum where we toss around business ideas and and give each other support.  And, of course, we chat about personal things too.  I have met many fine people on this forum, which I consider to be my friends.


Well, last night, my sister, Sheila, and I had an opportunity to meet a member of Milagroworld,  Trapper Sherwood, from Nashville, Tennessee.  It was so fun to meet him face to face…because we all had become good friends via the Internet.  He is in Utah on business and we went to dinner together.  Nothing “Make Believe” or “Imitation” about this man.  I found him to be sincere, and loads of fun. We had a good old time talking and sharing information about our families and tossing around business ideas.   After a four hour “chin wag.” we looked up long enough to notice the restaurant had closed it’s doors and was mopping the floor.

So on this “Good Friday”, I want to report that this “Virtual Relationship” turned out to be a great one.  The face to face contact was rewarding.  To feel Trapper’s great energy and spirit told me I had already made a great friend… via the Internet.  This is a “Good Friday.” Thanks Trapper!

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  We made new business plans and discussed new ways to support each other.  Now, there is nothing “Virtual” about that.

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Only Good Friday

A Beautiful Sunny Day – “Only The Good” Friday

It’s a beautiful sunny day on this “Good” Friday and I’m trying to get finished up with my planting.  It’s been over a week of great weather, which is nice since we had such a cool wet spring.  (The wet spring  brought on an abundance of Slugs which are making a feast of my Hostas and Marigolds…. which is not good.)  However, other than that, I’ve enjoyed being out in the sunshine planting my flowers, tomato containers and herb garden.


I love to peek over and see what my neighbors are planting because everyone’s tastes are so different.  Gardening is truly a reflection of the heart.   My garden is filled with “old fashion” flowers like Marigolds, Geraniums, and a few Petunias.  I have a new variety of Petunias this year that look like tiny Gardenias.  Of course,  English Lavender is special and  several plants adorn  my garden, which is harvested in the fall for sachets.


I do enjoy finding new plant verities at the nursery that are placed  in the flower garden.  This year I found this fun flower called Pink Mulla Mulla and it’s going into this container this morning.                Unfortunately, it’s an annual and won’t be back next year… but the enjoyment it offers this year will be enough.

I’m off to enjoy this “Good” Friday in my garden.   I hope your weather is sunny and bright and your Friday will be a “Good” one.

Till Later


Insightful Nana

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P.P.S.  Sorry I’ve been so neglectful in posting on this blog… but I’ll be back… as soon as I get the last tomato planted.

Only Good Friday

Home Gardening – “Only The Good” Friday

On this “Good  Friday I want to share my passion for home gardening.  As long as I can remember,  strolling through a nursery, checking out the flowers and shrubs puts a smile on my face.    Apparently,  I’m not the only one who gets a “big bang” out of meandering through the  begonias, petunias, and foxglove.   Last week, I over heard a man, who was inspecting tomatoes, exclaim to his wife, “This is going to  be fun.”


Gardening gives my mind an opportunity to wander from subject to subject without much focus and sometimes I can be found humming a tune.   I even enjoy adding the turkey mulch to amend my soil.  There is something nice about submerging  your planting shovel into soil that is soft and rich.


Finding new plant varieties is exciting and this year is no exception.


Just take a look at this new petunia.  It’s a spreading variety and the bloom is double, which makes it look like a small Gardenia.


Summer cooking wouldn’t be complete without using fresh basil.  This new Lettuce Basil is a fun change from the traditional variety.

Yes… this is a “Good Friday” because my 60 foot porch has hanging baskets and planters filled with… Yep… my all time favorite… Begonias.  My side yard is complete with roses, marigolds, geraniums, petunias, Victoria Blue and the Lemonade Honeysuckle is in bloom.


Have a “good Friday”  I will… for I’m on to the next project… the front flower beds.  Hmmmmm…. just where to I want to plant those daisies.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Gardening, like home decorating, is a personal matter.  My motto is, “Plant what you love… no matter what the neighbors think.”

P.P.S.  Go see what Shelly, at  This Eclectic Life, has to say… and get on her “OtGF” blog roll.  My sis, Sheila celebrates OtGF too.

Only Good Friday

Charitable Giving Heros – “Only The Good” Friday

Charitable giving is nothing new to Nick Giordano,  a teen hero who has contributed thousands of dollars to the “Make A Wish Foundation”…  using his unique talent.

We all have unique talents we can share… and it does not need to have a monetary value attached to it.  Most often, a helping hand, and  a listening ear can often be of more value than cash.  My brother-in-law, Dew, mows my lawn once a week.  Oh how I appreciate the help.  He whips around my yard in his commercial riding mower in no time at all and it save me hours of time… not counting the fact he trims around the edges to boot. He’s my hero!

My friend, Linda, who has retired from teaching Art in high school willing shares her talent.  She is skilled at poster and sign designer and paints them by hand.. no less.  When our church or a neighbor needs a welcome banner…who do they call?  Linda is away waiting and willing to give.  She’s a charitable giving hero to many people.

I belong to a business forum on the Internet called the Milagroworld Forum. I have received help for my business from folks from all over the globe.  From Maine, Mississippi, Nevada, Denmark, Tennessee, Texas, California, Canada, Australia…Gulf Of Mexico (the fellow lives on a sails boat.)… a finer group of folks cannot be found… and all willing to share their “know how.”
These are virtual heros… because I have never met them face to face.

On this “Only The Good” Friday, I want to share Nick’s  “goodness” and his unique talent with you.

Way to go Nick!  We are blessed to be a part of the most charitable nation in the world.  We all have something to share and contribute… and we probably do more than we think.  Yeah, good for us!

If you want to be a part of the OtGF movement… log on to This Eclectic Life, and Shelly (our host) will add you to our growing blog roll.

Have a “Good” Friday.

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  My sister Sheila is my hero.  She comes to my rescue frequently and is so willing to give and share.  She what she’s up to on this “Good” Friday.