Do You Remember

Do You Remember How To Play Croquet?

Do you remember how to play Croquet? Seeing this old Croquet set at my sister Sheila’s home recently, reminded me of all the fun times I had with my neighbor and best friend, Pam Barlow. We set up the backyard croquet game on a regular basis.

Sunday afternoons were just the best. Pam’s mom would fix us lemonade and serve it in tall colored aluminum glasses. The metal would get so cold that the outside of the glass would sweat with moisture. What fun! (I ran across a few of those old glasses at an antique store recently and gave them to my daughter, Emily, as a gift.)

Can you just see yourself smacking the ball hard with the mallet…and just barely missing your opponents ball? “Oh rats!”

Come to think about it… I believe there’s a new Croquet set of 4 in my basement…on a shelf… behind the old photos… in a storage room that needs major attention. Think I’ll drag it out right away and teach my grandkids how to play Croquet. That’s if I can leap over two boxes of books, one plastic container of genealogy, and an old slide projector to get to the set.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insighful Nana

P.S. Do they still make Croquet sets? I better pick up another set or two… or I’ll have a war on my hands!