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Unusual Presents – Emergency Food Storage

We all look for unusual presents to give at Christmas time.  Often we rack our brains trying to think of what to give our loved ones and friends.  Here is another unusual present to give that will certainly be esteemed.

Emergency Food Storage.   Now, hold on there…  and hear me out… I told you this  would be in the unusual presents category.

Having a little emergency food storage on had during a time of crisis is a great thing to have.  Or, having a few extras of this and that on the shelves is wonderful…. especially when you don’t have to run to the grocery store for it while your right in the middle of a recipe.


My kids always get a little Home Food Storage along with a few personal gifts.  It adds to their emergency storage supply.

Long Term Storage Ideas

  • Wheat     (It’s lasts forever and you can purchase it sealed plastic buckets.)
  • Dry Beans (I  found 25 lb bags of pinto beans at the grocery store.)
  • Powdered Milk (This product is at my grocery store.   They have a food storage section.  It can be purchased in 50 lb bags or number 10 cans.)
  • Sugar (25 lb bags can be found at your grocery store.  Provide a 5 gallon bucket to go along with the sugar.  The sugar fits perfectly and will stay nice and dry.)
  • Salt (I love having extra salt on my shelves.  It’s the one staple I always seem to run out of right in the middle of cooking.)
  • 100 Hour Candles (These come in handy when the lights go out.  Last winter many areas of the country were left in the dark for several days.  These candles can be found on-line or at your local Emergency Preparedness store.
  • A case of Toilet Paper (What can I say?)
  • 72 Hr Kit (We are all encouraged to have a 72 hr kit on hand in case we have to leave our homes in an emergency.  You can make one yourself  but purchasing one on-line or from your Emergency Supply Store is much easier.)

Short Term Storage Ideas

  • A case of  Tuna (Boy does this ever come in handy.  When I can’t think of something to prepare,  I know I can throw something together quick with tuna.)
  • Chili (This is another quick fix meal.  I case of a power outage, you have a meal all prepared.  If you have to, you can eat it cold… if your in a real pinch.)
  • Canned Soup (Again, a quick meal.  I love having extra Mushroom Soup on hand for casseroles, gravy, etc.
  • Tomatoes (A case of diced tomatoes sure comes in handy at  my house.)
  • Your own Bottled or Preserved Goods. (If you preserve or bottle in the summer and fall, these make lovely gifts.  A bottle of homemade salsa, a quart of grape juice or tomato juice, jam or jelly will put a smile on your loved ones face every time.)


If you give Emergency Food Storage as a Christmas gift, it may be one of the most unusual presents you have every given… but I assure you, it will be well received.

Till Later


Insightful Nana

P.S.  Giving Emergency Food Storage as a Christmas gift is really getting “Back To Basics.”

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