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“Get Back To Basics,” is the feeling that seems to permeates society when the economy goes South and life feels a little tough.  Believe it or not… hard times are when the craft and needlework industries flourish, especially needle crafts.  I designed for the craft industry for over 25 years and witnessed the ebb and tide of crafting during affluent and hard times.

Learning to crochet and knit is on the rise.  The popularity of needle crafts is evident by the number of crochet and knitted items on the market for moms, teens, children and babies. The catalogs and stores are full of handmade looking accessories this winter season.  Or, at least they were.

Actually many stores sold out of handmade hats, headbands and scarfs very early… and holiday shoppers, (including myself ) were scouring every store and boutique for hand crochet and knitted items.


Fortunately, a local store received a late shipment of crochet head bands and I was among the throng of women grabbing them up.  You can see by this photo of the “Hat Girls” that I was successful in my find.  They were all so please when they opened this Christmas gift.

In fact, my oldest grand daughter, McKenzie, and I were at the store bright and early the day after Christmas to see if there were any hatbands left to be purchased.  We hit the jack pot again with a selection of new colors.  She is thrilled.

I learned to crochet and knit at the early age of eleven… It was a wonderful past time and I developed a love for crafting and making things with my hands.  It was not only an  enjoyable experience, but producing a actual product was very rewarding.

I can see why needle crafts are popular again.  It takes one back to a “safe solid place.”  It feels like “home.”  Yes, getting back to basics is good.

Till Later

Insightful Nana

P.S. I encourage you to learn how to crochet or knit.  McKenzie’s interest is peeked and so I’m going to teach her to crochet.  “Back to Basic Skills” in cooking, sewing,  and needle crafts such as crocheting, and knitting is a good thing.  It’s part of survival preparation for the future… come what may.

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