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What To Do At A Sleepover?

What to do at a sleepover?  Well, my grands have no problem finding things to do when I say. “Sure, you can stay for a sleep over.”   First of all, having cousins around is just the best.   Second of all… they get to stay up late.  I hear them bantering  about in the kitchen in the late hours of the evening, fixing this and that to eat.  I just let them be…. because…. these old bones are at rest on the couch…. too weak and tired to move.

A craft room, left over from my days as a craft designer is filled with plenty of pencils, scrapbook paper and stickers to keep them busy for days.  They come up with all kinds of creative cards to take home to their folks and siblings.   Actually, their creativity and imagination is astounding.


Best of all is the “hut.”  Remember the “hut?”  Wait long enough… and a hut is guaranteed  to appear.  Again, creative imagination and genius at work.

I’ve decided that kids are over programed with pre-organized entertainment.  When left alone… and encouraged… they can find things to do to entertain themselves… even at a sleep over.  Of course, we have our traditions … root beer floats is a big one and  scrambled eggs for breakfast is another.  (They all love my scrambled eggs… I make the best.)  On occasion, we go to the Dollar Store… but for the most part… it’s, “Entertain yourselves kids.”

I love to be surrounded by my grands.  There are 15 of them, and they usually come to sleepover in groups… according to age.  However, the older kids are beginning to come  two by two or individually… which is really nice… because I can really tune in to them and find out what going what’s important in their lives.

What to do at a sleepover?  Let them be… and watch the fun begin.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  My kids limit the sleepovers their children have at friends’ homes…. so they always welcome the respite when the grands sleep over at Nana’s house.

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Oh yes! I still remember sleepovers as a child! what fun! and I love your theory of “leave em alone and let them discover”. Great idea! My grands are already into making tents (huts) out of anything they can find!

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