As I See It

Utah Wildlife In My Yard

Wildlife frequently grace our yard at our mountain retreat in Tabiona, Utah.  Cottontail rabbits, chipmunks, deer, and moose come to call often.  Yes, moose… are among are our most frequent visitors.

I’ve awakened to find a moose cow and a calf chewing on bushes not 3 feet from my head. Thank goodness, there was a few inches of steel between us.  I was inside our trailer at the time.

One summer, my grandsons, Glade and Barrett were with me on the porch of our trailer when we noticed two large black shapes moving through the oak across the yard.  Then, the youngest of the two bull moose emerged to get a drink.  Talk about wildlife… we got a little wild as we ran for the camera.

The other bull moose was much larger and chose to stay hidden in the brush.  After the youngest moose quenched his thirst, they both moved up the side of the hill to another location to nibble on leaves.

So, the other evening, I wasn’t alarmed when I looked out the window, through the pines to see a black shape enter the yard.  “Just an early evening visit from our moose friend,” I thought.  I grabbed my camera and sneaked around the corner of the trailer so I could get a good shot.  It was nearly dark.

Much to my surprise, there was a cow standing in the yard.  No, not a moose cow like I expected… but a cow… cow.  Soon, it was joined by another heifer and they spent a bit of time munching on our grass.

I snapped a couple of shots… and because it was dark… the shutter stayed open for along time.  I couldn’t help but shake, so the photo is a little fuzzy.  This photo, along with the real wildlife photo of the moose, will rest side by side on my fridge.

After the heifers got their fill, they wandered off down the hillside.

One never knows what kind of wildlife will appear in the mountains… but, after this experience… I better be prepared for any wild thing that comes along.

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

Kathy Griffiths

P.S.  I left that heavenly place this morning to come home.  The sun had just come over the mountains and my favorite wildlife was playing in the yard… cottontail rabbits.  Three brown bunnies munched grass in the same spot where my wild visitors had feasted the night before.  What a treat!