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The Day After Christmas

“What?  This is the day after Christmas?”  I live by our local Mall and drive by it every time I leave my house.  On Saturday,  I had reason to drag my tired self up from the computer, dress, and drive by the mall.  It was as busy as it was the night before Christmas.

“No way will I be caught dead at the Mall today!” I confidently said to myself.   “Oh yeah,” said the Universe.  “We’ll see.”

When I arrived back home, after my short errand, my grand daughter, McKenzie, said, “Will you take Katlyn and me over to the mall?  It’s too cold to walk and we want to see what’s on sale.”

“What?”  I’m not going over there!”  Sad faces, droopy lips….. So I dragged my tired self over to the Mall, drove around and around in the parking lot for 15 minutes waiting for a parking spot… and went into the Mall to see a “darling coat that was sure to be on sale.”

What is my point to all this?   Every time I say, “No Way,” life seems to present the opportunity to challenge my out cry.  I’ve got to either learn to be stronger in my resolve or keep my mouth shut.  The later seems to be the wisest choice for me.

I’m still tired.  I’ve hit the wall.

Till later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.  Have you ever said you dislike a particular name and have it crop up in your family line some place.  I did that as a child and ended up with it attached to me permanently.

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