Take Life Seriously

Take Life Seriously is my motto.   Seriousness comes from my roots.  I came from a serious family.  Not that we didn’t have our moments of frivolity, but it was on rare occasions… out in the mountains… or in a park.

laughing-girlPerhaps, it was because we lived in such close surroundings.  For my parents, raising 5 girls in an approximately 1000, square feet home didn’t leave much room for “racing around or “tom foolery,” as my grandma Ella use to say.  None the less, my folks were the “serious type.”  We knew our places and what was what.

In seventh grade, I was invited to stay for dinner with a friend’s family.  Oh my gosh… they told jokes the table.  Suzette’s brother was caught off guard and sputtered food all over himself, laughing at a joke.  I, wide eyed,  looked around to see the reaction and everyone was doubled up with laughter.  The mess was quickly cleaned up and we went on with the meal…. cheerfully.   They didn’t take life too  seriously!  That experience gave me a lot to think about.

Seriousness is a hard habit for me to break but that’s my goal for 2010.  While others may be trying to stay in control… manage themselves better, be more organized… I’m going to be looking at life a little less seriously…. laugh more… tell a few jokes, (if I can remember any) and start my day looking at life more carefree and less from a serious standpoint.

Perhaps, many of your have seen this video of a less than serious wedding.  I wish I could I have been so brave!  I’ve got to hand it to these two… they’ve got guts!

Till Later,

Insightful Nana

P.S.   My friend Claus Jensen, shares jokes on his blog, once a week.  Taking a page from his book… here’s a joke.

Sunday school teacher:  Phil, who was the first woman?
Phil:  I don’t know.
Sunday school teacher:  I’ll give you a hint.  It had something to do with an apple.
Phil:  Oh, I know.  Granny Smith!


2 responses to “Take Life Seriously”

  1. Kathy, don’t resolve to break the habit of seriousness, resolve to add the habit of humor and play! More fun that way. The only thing I’m really, really serious about is humor. Well, that’s not totally true, but it sounds funny, doesn’t it?

    And it’s sort of true.

    Happy silly new year!