Swine Flu Pandemic Of Fear

There is a Swine Flu Pandemic alright….a  pandemic of fear.  Give the press a little fodder… and away they go.   Look at where all the attention has gone in the last few days.  I find it interesting… fear has been the focus across the board for about the last two years…. .and I’m getting a little weary of it.  For some reason… it’s not a motivator for me… in fact it’s quite immobilizing.  Perhaps that’s the point.


It is known, that when a people are in fear,  they are easily controlled by greater and larger powers such governments.  Impoverish the people, introduce fear and scarcity and you have them under control.  History has proven this to be the case time and time again.   Look at Hitler and Mussolini.   We, the people,  have been moving in this direction for a long time.   I’m just curious as to what the government has up it’s sleeve after this little panic.

Am I saying we shouldn’t be aware?  No, I’m not,  but being aware is one thing and buying into the panic and promoting the panic another.

I suggest we look at the broad picture and prepare for any emergency that may fall our way.  It never hurts to have extra food, clothing and  savings on hand in preparation for any type of urgent situation.  Whether you loose a job,  have an accident, or have to be confined to your home for a few weeks because of illness…  the greater question is… are you prepared?   During a panic…common sense seems to fly out the window and we look for others to save us.  So, long term preparation is the safety net.

I also suggest…during this momentary pandemic of fear, we use a little preventive common sense.

1.  Wash your hands frequently and keep your surrounding clean.  We should be doing that anyway.

2.  Eat nutritious foods and exercise.   Keep your immune system healthy.

3.  Stay to your normal routine and avoid the panic mentality.

4.  Stay true to a wise long term course of board emergency preparation.

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Look at the hype of the 70’s.  Hmmmm.   Are we going to be forced to take flu shots…. Hmmm  pushing through social health care?

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