Robin Red Breast – But Not In My House

Robin Red Breast came a calling today.  In fact two of them dropped by.   I wasn’t aware they came for a visit until my daughter, Katie, called out, “Hey Mom, did you know you have two birds in your house?”  “Say what?”  I came running.  Sure enough, two Robins entered the family room via an open patio door.


There they were, flapping their wings and dashing their bodies against the window, on the opposite side of the room.   The movie,”The Birds,” by Alfred Hitchcock. flashed through my mind.  I assure you I was not about to get close to those critters and have them flap their wings around my head.  Oh No!

I grabbed a broom and handed to Katie.  She approached the birds cautiously and opened the window with the handle.  One fellow caught the vision immediately and flew out.  The other bird was still confused… running up and down the window sill.  Katie encouraged it along until it found the open side of the window and flew away to freedom.

Oh shoot…. where was the camera.  No one will believe it.   As I inspected the window and the window sill… the birds left evidence that they had been there.   Not a pretty site…so  I declined the photo opportunity to prove the crisis had taken place.

What is the point?  Warning!  Don’t leave your doors open so robins won’t drop by unannounced.   However, if you ever happen to repeat my experience… I pray you have a brave daughter around to save you from excited, frightened birds.

Keep safe now.

Till Later,

Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  I have my disinfectant gear and I’m on my way to clean up the evidence.  To tell you the truth… I would probably react the same way if I found myself trapped in a strange house with looming figures approaching me.

2 responses to “Robin Red Breast – But Not In My House”

  1. We had a bat come in one evening through our son’s open window. He had taken the screen off to climb out onto the roof over the porch and hadn’t put it back on. It took almost two hours to get the bat into a part of the house where all the windows were open and all the screens off so it could find it’s way out. That bird also left a LOT of evidence behind.

    I’ve also had birds fly into the garage a couple of times. Fortunately, opening the door and waiting works. The bird eventually gets tired of flying high in circles and comes down low enough to figure out where the sunshine is coming from and makes its escape.

    Ahh… spring time with the birds, bees, and WASPS!