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Really Think About It… Are You A Survivor?

Just what does it mean to be a survivor?    The dictionary says it means to live or exist in spite of hardship, danger, accident or ordeal… against all odds.   The fact of the matter is, at some point in all of our lives, we face circumstances that test our ability to survive.  Whether it’s surviving financial hardship, health issues, divorce, or a death of a loved one…  our survivor skills are put to the test at some point in our lives.

Many bloggers have be following the experiences of Stephanie Nielson who survived, against all odds,  a near fatal plane crash last summer.   Most of her body was burned. She not only survived, she is now home picking up the pieces of her  life with her husband and four children.  She  exhibits courage and fortitude in her fight for a normal life..   Her story is an amazing one.

Is there a personality difference between the individual who is able to survive a hardship while someone else succumbs to a much less difficult condition?

The site, The Survivors Club, claim there are survivor personalities.   They even  have a quiz you can take to see what your Recession Survivor IQ is.   I took it… and found I am a “Thinker.”  along with Bill Gates.  Pretty good company I’d say.

If you’re are having difficult times, the site will guide you to the best sources and information for helping you cope with hard circumstances.  There are also stories of courage and valor.


Not all difficulties are unforeseen.  In some cases, our survival rate is much greater, if we prepare in advance.  Certainly the pilot of the plane that successfully landed in the Hudson River was prepared.

And…I  personally believe our survival rate is higher when we know we are supported by family and friends. Faith and prayers go along way to helping us cope with difficult times.


Kathy Griffiths
Insightful Nana

P.S.  Join me… and follow “Back To Basics” on his site for ideas and tips for emergency preparedness and survival.


P.P.S.  The Survivors Club may save your life…  Pick up a copy at Amazon