Only Good Friday

Our Own Virus Pandemic – “Only The Good” Friday

Let’s start our own Virus Pandemic!

Opps… I guess we should define a few words.   Pandemic:  “A disease that moves world wide, and is not contain in one region or country.”   Virus:  “A piece of code or an agent  that is capable of copying itself.”   Viral: “The rapid spreading of a disease or information.”   For example, the past two weeks, these words have been on the lips of many folks…  as the fear of “Swine Flu” spread quickly from one country to another.  I am amazed at how rapidly fear can spread with the aid of T.V. Newspapers and the Internet.  From Twitter to the Blogs… people were talking about the “Swine Flu.”


Just a week before… another  type virus spread through out the world.  The name of Susan Boyle spread like wild fire through the blogs of the World.  Her  Britains God Talent 2009 Auditon went viral immediately. She was not expected to win anything. But, she fooled the word.  Just one YouTube video had over 20 million views in less than a week.  Support, cheers, and happiness were prevalent on the web for a couple of weeks.  How refreshing!  Now, these are the kind of viruses I’m happy to pass on. Click on photo below.

“Only The Good” Friday, gives met the opportunity to pass on a “good, happy and positive virus.  At he present time, it’s only an epidemic because it hasn’t spread world wide… but it’s my hope and the hope of Shelly, the OtGF host…. that it will.  If you want to join us… just let her know.

On this “Good Friday”… I want to share two videos with you.  The first one is Susan Boyle singing “Killing Me Softly.”  This was recorded 10 years ago as a demo.   Wow! what a voice… what a woman.  I think one of the reasons the Susan Boyle virus spread so fast… besides having a great voice…was the fact that she’s  just “One of Us.”  And…I want her to stay that way.  Click on photo below.

This next short video is a “Good Friday”  surprise.  If this type of virus could spread to become a pandemic,  the world would be a better place… Not only on Friday… but every day of the week. I just loved this.

Enjoy… and may your Friday be filled with  “Only The Good.?

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S.  My sis, Sheila… is spreading the “Only The Good” Friday virus too. She’s hoping for a viral pandemic also.

7 replies on “Our Own Virus Pandemic – “Only The Good” Friday”

These videos are absolutely marvelous! OK, I’m crying…but it’s a good crying. I was even up and dancing during the second video.

Susan Boyle is such an inspiration. She shows us what we can do if we don’t let our dreams die.

Thank you for making my day!

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend.

Oh, Kathy! OtGF is coming to a close, but that 2nd video guarantees that my good is just gonna keep on keepin’ on! I love this, and am so glad to be infected and a carrier of this virus!

I’ve seen the second video and read about it. Wouldn’t it be cool to actually be there if it were to happen spontaneously — anywhere. I think that could fuel a good mood for a long time.

I’m going to listen to Susan in the morning, when I’m awake enough to enjoy it. Can’t wait.

That should start tomorrows OtGF off well. Thanks for posting them.

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