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Kids Say The Darndest Things – “Only The Good” Friday

During the fifties, The Art Linkletter Show was on every afternoon. Part of the program was a segment called “Kids Say The Darndest Things.” The children were all dressed up, sitting on stools and Art would ask them questions. Oh my… some of the things that would come out of their mouths. Once I had children… my home was a constant Art Linkletter show… as my kids kept me in stitches with the funny things they would say.  Now, the grandkids keep the family  in stitches with the cute, funny and embarrassing comments they make.


I have a tendency to see life in a “way too serious” manner… so today.. On this “Only The Good” Friday… I’m going to lighten up a bit and share with you a few funnies my grandkids have come up with. (Prepare for “R” rated material.)

LuLu age 5
Coming out of “Time Out” … Lu scowled at her mom and said, “You’re a bad person for getting mad at me…. but you have pretty hair.

Randall at age 4
One evening, I offered to take a few of the grands to dinner… and I ask them where they would like to go.   Randall piped up and said he wanted to go to check on grandma. My mom, who was 88 years old, had been ill… so I thought it was so sweet and  thoughtful that he wanted to go see her.   Before we went to eat… we dropped by my mom’s place for a quick visit.  We were there for only a couple of minutes when Randall started to complain and wanted to leave. Go figure!

We kept out visit short and then went to our regular eating establishment, Chuck-A-Rama. As soon as we pulled in the parking lot… Randall cried out… “Yeah, we’re here at “Check On Grandma.”

Wyatt at age 4
Wyatt loves horses… and he had plenty of imaginary ones when he was younger.   One day, he was in the car with his mom when he announced, “Shawn and Kicker got into a fight and Kicker kicked Shawn’s eye out.   Emily replied, “Oh my Gosh, that’s terrible.”

“It’s okay now,” said Wyatt.

“Oh really, what happened?”

Wyatt replied, “Jesus fixed it.”

Josie, at age 5
Josie was home ill with the flu and Lisa, her mom,  offered to play a game with her.   “What game would you like to play?”

” Oh… you know.. that game with the oranges, apples and pears,” replied Josie.

You mean the matching game?”

“Oh no!” Josie replied, “That would burn our house down.”

Landon at age 4
At the family reunion, a large food buffet had been set out.  Lisa ask Landon what he would like to eat.  He said, “I’ll take everything except the gross.”

Braden, at age 4
Braden’s mom had a hard time getting him out of bed to get ready for pre-school.   He finally arose and said,  “It’s not that I’m sleepy….I’m just tired.”

Norah at age 5
My son, Brad… and his wife Martha took their family and dog to check on the new house they were building. When they left the new house, they forgot to load their dog (Tequila) into the car… and didn’t realize their mistake until they arrived at Grandma And Grandpa Wright’s house, 10 miles away.

Of course, the girls were upset, and Martha assured them that Tequila could find her way home from the new house because it wasn’t too far away.
On the way home, Martha suggested they pray. Norah volunteered. She said, “Heavenly Father, please help us find Tequila. Help us get off our butts and look for her.”

It obviously worked… because when they went back to the new house, Tequila was there waiting for them oblivious that she had been deserted.

Claire, age 5
Claire was at the doctor’s office for her yearly physical.  The doctor was checking her heart with a stethoscope when Claire ask, “What is that?”

“It’s a thing that checks your heart to see if your blood is pumping okay.” the doctor replied.

“Do you have blood?” Claire ask.

“Yes, I have blood and you have blood.”

After a bit of thinking, Claire replied, “My mom has blood too and it comes out of her cootie.”

Oh My…..”Blush.” The Innocence Of A Child!

Hope these put a little smile on your face on this… “Only The Good” Friday.


Insightful Nana

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