Only Good Friday

Good Family – “Only The Good” Friday

I came home from the store to find a wonderful surprise… the “Good” family of my son, Wade, came over and cleaned up my backyard after the heavy snowstorm of last week broke off several major limbs.  Two other grandsons, (Emily’s boys) came along to help with the fray.  They worked hard to get everything  cut up, pruned, raked and hauled away.  After they left to go home… I kept looking out into my back yard and grinned like a Chessy Cat.


Here is Glade, Barrett and Wyatt.  They’re  cleaning out the rain gutters and doing a great job. They love any excuse to get on the roof and walk around.


Wyatt came down from the roof to help with the tree pruning.  I wish the storm had been a little more selective about how it pruned my trees.  Two major branches came down from my globe willow tree.


Braden climbed up the tree to do his pruning work.  He did a great job and the tree looks really nice.  This tree is a River Birch and I love it…. especially in the fall.


Lisa, my sweet daughter-in-law was the ground lady.  She raked and rake.  She’s a Respiratory Therapist at the New Born Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.  Don’t ask me how she shoves those tubes down the throat of a preemie newborn… but she does.  She is part of the life saving team for babies…. and I hope your family never needs her services… but if you do… you family member will be in good hands  She’s the best!


Here is Braden, Wade and Wyatt cutting up limbs and loading the truck for the dump.  I couldn’t get Wade to turn around and smile.  He grabbed an old shirt from out of the my closet and it didn’t fit just right.  Boy… don’t I know what that’s like.


Landon and Josie helped too…. that’s after a few tricks on the swing set.  They pick up sticks and volunteered to help unload the truck at the dump.  What is there about the “dump” that intrigues kids?  I loved to go to the dump with my dad… and my kids loved to go with me.  I use to scare the living daylights out of them by telling them Oscar The Grouch lived there and was waiting for them.   Oh my… that wasn’t a good thing to do…. wouldn’t do that again.   I’m a bit wiser now… Thank Goodness.


The truck is loaded and the workers:  Wyatt, Barrett, Josie, Braden, London, and Glade pose for this final shot.

Thanks guys!  Job well done kids.  Your “goodness” has made this “Only The Good” Friday a “good” one for me.   You make me want to be a better neighbor, friend and family member.

I hope your blessed with good family and friends.

Till Later,


Insightful Nana

P.S.  My brother-in-law, Dew Atwood just mowed my lawn.  More family “good” on this “Only The Good Friday.

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They are working so hard!! I just love it when my grandchildren help me do something or, better yet, do it for me!! We had an ice storm this year, which broke lots of limbs out of my trees and one of my sons trimmed them up with a chainsaw. The top is broken though, so it looks pretty pitiful.
I have changed the download link for the chocolate recipes. I don’t know how in the world that happened that it had a password. You can download now without a problem.
I’ve had a bout with a kidney infection, so I am behind on everything!

What a hardworking, great-looking crew! It’s great that you’ve got such a great family. I have to tell you – I don’t know how your DIL shoves tubes down those babies’ throats either, but I’m so glad that there are people like her out there that do – someday, I’ll write about the nurse/RT who saved my son’s life 17 years ago by defying the doctors and insisting that he be intubated. Please pass my blessings on to her, since I’ve never felt I could ever properly thank the woman who saved my son’s life.

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