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Family Reunion Planning

Family reunion planning can get in you in a whole lot of trouble…if you let it. And, I let it. I always offer to do more than I really have time for. Every year I swear I won’t offer to do a thing… but in the planning meeting, my resolve seems to fly off to another planet.

The DiStefano Family Reunion is always held the second week-end of July. Some of the members of the family meet in May to put the final touches on the family reunion plans and that’s when I get duped.

But… just take a look at those Mafia Dons… who wants to mess with them? Don’t you think Jack (the one with the gray and black beard looks like Michael in the God Father?) Who would want to cross Michael. And…look at Bill… He means business!

Anyway… we have a WOP ing good time and I give you a full report when I get back in a few days.

Till Later
Kathy Griffiths

P.S. Just take a lot at those “noses.” Is it any wonder why we’re DiStef a nose.

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yup!! I agree planning family reunion is a real tedious job… and you need to put in loads of effort, planning and time… and sometimes all of this is not possible… I guess you are one of those lovely reunion organizers… who prove to be great helping hand to the host.. 🙂

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