Democracy Or Republic ?

Amid all the political fervor in the last year, I’ve become very interested in the founding of our nation.  I’ve seen HBO’s John Adams at least six times.  To bad I wasn’t this interested in history when I was in school.  My American history teacher would have been please.

[Head of the Statue of Liberty on display in a park in Paris...

None the less… this zeal has put so many things into perspective for me.  I’ve come to more fully appreciate our Constitution and living in the United States Of America.

I have made several trips to China and was so grateful to return to this nation.  When we landed in San Francisco, I had to resist kneeling in the terminal and kissing the ground.

Growing up… I recited the Pledge of Allegiance everyday during my grade school years.  Never quite understanding what a Republic was.  I was always told that we were a Democracy and I meshed the two words together in my mind.

A number of years ago, I came to learn that they are not one in the same.  We are not a Democracy but a Republic and they are very different.

I could explain what a learned… but I ran across a Video that explains the difference better than I ever could.

Take a minute and do yourself a favor and watch this outstanding video to get a better understanding of the types of governments that reside on this planet.  We are so blessed to have a Republic as our forum of government.

Once you’ve watch it…. forward the link to this blog post to a friend.

Till Later,


P.S.  I’ve sent this video to my kids and grands.   We must preserve our Republic as was set up by our founding fathers.  Why? It just plain works!