China’s Caught With It’s Pants Down Again

China’s caught with it’s pants down again. Just let the foreign media into that country for a few months… and all kinds of things get exposed which China would rather not have the world know. China invited the world to take a look at the glitz and glamour of the country by way of the Olympics… but really doesn’t want the world to see behind the scenes into the lives of the people. Can’t have it both ways “Big Red.” Now that you’ve opened yourself up to the world… look out… all eyes are upon you and your human rights infractions.

Take a look at these two gals. Do they look like they’re a threat to the national security of the country? Not! Wu, age 79 and Wang, age 77, had the audacity to repeatedly apply for permits between August 5 and August 17, to hold a protest against being force out of their homes during the China Olympics. Oh my! Apparently they were “disturbing the public order.” Sentence? One year of “re-education” in a China prison.

Well gals, you’re not alone in being sent to be re-educated. Deng, who was the Chairman of the communist party between 1978 to the early 90’s was packed off in 1969 with his wife. As a important member of Mao’s cabinet, he was evacuated to the boonies as an important political prisoner. Apparently, Mao and other members of the Party didn’t approve of his point of view. Needed to get this man’s head on straight ya know.

For three years, his and his wife suffered great hardships. His son, Pufang, 25, was a brilliant physics student at Beijing University. He was taken prisoner by the savage Red Guard and beaten into insensibility in an effort to make him “confess” to the “treason” of his father. When that didn’t work, his torturers took him to the fourth floor of a dormitory and some how he just landed on the ground below ….leaving his legs paralyzed.

After three years, everything changed. Guards appeared in the early morning of Nov. 8 and escorted Deng and his wife to a Party meeting and then took them to their home. Immediately Deng went to his study and wrote a letter to the Central Committee declaring his full support. He presented himself to Mao as being ready in spirit and strength to undertake any task Mao had for him.

So you see gals, no one is exempt from being re-educated… unless the world gets a peak at the injustice of such actions by the police. Re-education allows the police to side step any formal charge or criminal trial to send the offender to prison up to four years.

In the glare of international attention… it seems that the government has acknowledge that the punishment might be a little too harsh and inappropriate. So for the time being, Wu and Wang have been saved from hard labor in a far off prison.

I go nuts when I hear of such injustice. And we supported the Olympics in China? I’m grateful to be an American… even as unsettled as things are right now.

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Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana.

P.S. I still fear for these ladies. One day they will just quietly vanish because they’ve brought negative attention to the government of China. Pray for them.

One response to “China’s Caught With It’s Pants Down Again”

  1. I take life for granted. Thank you for the reminder. I too am grateful to
    live in America. When the politics of this country leans towards infringing on of our human rights as common practice I cringe.

    There are two groups I actively support because they work diligently to protect our human rights. They “Youth For Human Rights” and “Citizens Commisison on Human Rights”.