China Olympics Finale – A Proud People

The China Olympics Finale was spectacular…all the fireworks, lights, and the thousands of entertainers were breath taking. China sure does know how to put on a show.

The stravaganza would not have been possible without the thousands of the individual Chinese people who contributed their time and labor and resourcefulness for the cause. The world was entertained, charmed by their efforts and graciousness. Thank you!

The citizens of China are a proud people… and I don’t mean vain. From my observation, I found them to be smart, ingenious, capable and a creative people.

One afternoon, we were standing on the street purchasing some antiques from a vendor when a fellow rode by on his bike toting a full size couch. Now that’s ingenious, capable and creative! It would have never entered my mind to move a couch on a bike… but I guess in that country… you do what you have to do… because there’s no neighbor down the street that’s going to rescue you with his truck.

Another time…we saw a fellow with 3 huge crates of ducks teetering on the back of his bike. The ducks were quaking and caring on. I guess they new their fate was to be Peking Duck… which by the way…I enjoyed immensely.

The Chinese tenacity leads me to the pride they take in their personal care. Nearly every factory we went into, even where the conditions were deplorable… I found there were whose who took great pride in their personal care.

We went to a factory that produces Styrofoam products. After being there for only a few minutes… we concluded most of the folks would be dead from cancer in a few years… that is… if they continued to breath the gagging toxic fumes that came from melting the Styrofoam and pouring it into molds.

These two young men were putting a glass like coating on Styrofoam apples… you know… the kind you see at Christmas time. One fellow would pull back the scum while the other dipped and turned the apples upright and put them on a shelf to dry.

They work a 12 hour shift… and the factory runs 7 days a week…24 hours a day. We learned, the workers at this factory only get a couple off days a month. They do go home for one month in Feb…. as all Chinese workers do. All factories such down for Chinese New Year.

Just take a look at what they’re wearing. I stood there in amazement. No splatters on their clothes. I can’t even hardly cook a meal without getting something down the front of myself. I would have had that red stuff all over the place.

This man was working in a Paper Mache factory. The conditions were awful! But look at his attire. From my own experience, paper mache is a messy business… all the wheat paste and all. Yuk!

These two guys were also working with paper mache. They were building Christmas trees. Look at the fellow in the white shirt and suit coat. Amazing! Not a drop of wheat paste on those cuffs.

This was not the first time we saw men working in suit coats. We witnessed them shoveling trenches, and loading cement.

I wonder if they dress well because that’s pretty much the only area where they have complete control over their lives?

This factory owner’s name is Sampson. His factory produces porcelain and resin products. He is from Hong Kong and was educated there. His family lives in Canada, where his children are being educated. (He has more than one child.)

His factory is in China… just inside the border from Hong Kong …. and it is immaculate and well organized. His employees are treated well… note the light… even the drapes are tied up to produce more light for his workers. However, we did notice there was no talking… you could have heard a pin drop. No idle “chit chat” for these folks.

Look at this gorgeous man! His name is Fang Wei, and he works for Samson and, he sculps all of the products in clay before they’re produced in porcelain or resin. He knew we were coming and he dressed for the occasion. Wow! I’ll tell you what… I never wore my Sunday best for visitors at my work. Take a look at that tie!

This is some of his fantastic work. These were three Christmas ornament I designed. His work was impeccable.

I wish all of China’s factories could be as nice as Sampson’s.

This young man was working in the most deplorable conditions we witness on our trip. There was only one light globe shining in the room… which was at least 25 feet away from him. The flies were treacherous and the smell was unbelievable, coming from open sewer areas. He was hammering one tiny nail at a time into the basket rim. He looked like a shiny diamond surrounded by muck and mire.

I learned a lot about, determination, perserverence and courage by visiting China. Sometimes, I wish I could instill just a little of what I learn to my grandkids when they whine about what’s “fair.”

Till Later

Kathy Griffiths

Insightful Nana

P.S. Hat’s off to the wonderful people of China for their contribution to the China Olympics. Again…Thank You!

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