Kathy Griffiths

Canning and Preserving For Long Term Storage


Tweet Boy, the canning season is upon us… for those who like to preserve goods for the winter and long term storage.  I’ve been waiting for the tomatoes to appear in abundance so I can get my tomato canning completed.  The weather here in Utah has been so cool that everything is ripening two weeks late.  The peaches are just beginning to appear also. If you’re into canning and preserving… check out my new site  Canning and Preserving.  I’ve dedicated the site to my grandma Ella and my momma,... [Read the full story]

Home & Garden


Selecting Summer Flower Garden Plants

Tweet The best tip I can give your for selecting plants for your home flower garden is: Don’t choose over grown plants. Choosing the right plants for your flower garden... [Read more]

Fun Times


Printable Mother’s Day Cards – Mother’s Day Cards to Color

Tweet Here are a couple of printable Mother’s Day Cards you can print in a snap. These unique cards are designed for your kids to attach their small school photos. Of course…... [Read more]



Caring For The Elderly – Ease Into Care Giving

Tweet Caring for the Elderly may be your lot if your parents don’t pass away young.  At some point, you are going to begin helping them with the everyday affairs of life. Your... [Read more]

Simple Cooking


Green Rice | An Authentic Mexican Food Recipe

Tweet Oh my gosh… this Green Rice recipe is to die for if you like authentic Mexican Food.  I snagged this Green rice recipe from a wonderful Mexican Food restaurant in... [Read more]



Make Family Meals A Part Of You Routine – Planning Family Meals Together Reap Great Rewards

Tweet Make family meals a part of your dining routine.  Planning family meals together can reap great rewards for you and your loved ones. Because of the hectic lives we seem... [Read more]

Back To Basics


Wheat Storage – Dry Beans and Rice Storage

Tweet Now is the time to invest your wheat storage and other long term dry food storage such as dry beans and rice.  These dry foods are the basics for emergency food storage. The... [Read more]